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Legalis is a broad spectrum solution provider. We are here to meet all of your paper document and electronic discovery needs.

Legalis’s continuum of integrated discovery solutions means that you will have faster, easier and more cost-effective document discovery and management solutions from a single, unified source. In the end, you save your organization – and your clients –time and money while, at the same time, experiencing consistent and unfettered commitment throughout your discovery projects.

Regardless of the form of your documents – electronically, in paper format, or both – Legalis offers technological strength and unparalleled service.

SMOKING GUNS: Electronic Intentions, Data and Discovery Costs

Every litigation team is looking for it. The smoking gun. You know where it is—it’s in that forest of paper that opposing counsel has—and you’ve got to find it.


Producing documents in today's litigation environment has become a daunting task for the legal assistant, paralegal and litigation support specialist.   The scope of what is discoverable has remained considerably broad, while the sources of discoverable materials have increased in number many fold. With the advent of electronic data discovery, today's legal professional is pressed even harder to recognize what they have in non-paper form and what they seek that may also be electronically stored.

State of the Art Quality Control

We offer a unique solution of page-for-page quality control to provide what we call "Litigation-Grade Document Management Solutions." Key to the QC process are the Legalis Project Managers. Their role is to:


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